To look at the pain and gain reports fromRP data they're available on theirwebsite and those pain and gain reportsactually show you units and in terms ofthere being negative gains so we're nottrying to preach one or the other we'rejust trying to teach people that there'sthere's high risk in those types ofopportunities the Reno shows haven'thelped and it's it's interesting whenyou go to have a look at sand on fromthe TV space so I'm not having a go atour space but it's a lot of the laborgets thrown in and a lot of the crosspromotion gets thrown in which doesn'tget figured into the final figures yeahand then as we always talk about youknow my wife and I were watching in aCanadian one the other day.


I heard a, or profit but she looks at me and she goes that's Melbourne Property Valuers not it is it I said nobecause you know they're going to pay anagent's commission to get out and thenwhatever is left in this country if theyflip it under months ago to pay halfin capital gains tax so she startstaking the numbers down she goes right Iso it's a fair bit of risk it's notabout it not about earn I think I thinkwas a , profit and they probablywould have just a.

You doing this I hate my work youknow I really don't like I say I want togo off and do renovating and I think itlooks pretty easy on the TV because youknow to let it it down and there's alittle takes minutes for you I stillminutes worth of ads in fact I actuallyhad a client come in this week who wasfortunate to have for innovation on thehouse through one of those shows and soyeah and they got all the furniture andeverything so really cool so what's thetip their right to all the producers ofall the shows and say you know here's mystory ever my a milestone atelevision show I have a quirky backstory ah there's a little bit harder toour producers would go into the databaseand just just pull up a keyword and someform of quirky word you know um becauseI mean that's it that's the deputythat's.

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The income approach so cost approach is pretty muchsaying one of the most commonly usedmethods within the cost approach issaying well if you couldn't buy thatacid from someone else how long would ittake how much would it cost you todevelop one of similar use or similarutility okay now you know that that insome types of assets that's quite usefulto say well this is how long will ittake to build a new factory or somethinglike that what you have to bear in mindthough is it's not just the direct costsbecause if it's going to take you sixmonths to develop new software or a yearto develop new technology.

There's anopportunity cost while you busy doing ityou missing out on on being in how to be a property valuer themarket and earning profit the theweakness of the cost approach for forcertain types of IP is there isn't adirect linear relationship between costand value so I'm sure you'velots of R&D projects millions of dollarsspent or millions of ringgit spent novalue or so many lots of brands is a bigmarketing campaign it just dies and itnever gains any any action so.

Perhapsfor software and things like that andcost approach can be okay very earlystage technology it's okay but it'soften not the preferred approach marketapproach is great where there is anactive market for homogenous assets youknow shares or houses you know we'll doit anyway where you sell a house in thesame road as us as has sold it got itwent for so much but it's a bit smallerthan ours or it's not as smart as oursthey may be

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I don't buyproperties for tax purposes mm-hmm Ilove it beautiful and I can think of ifyou don't know what a strata title is ifyou don't know what an lv r is yeah ifthese are these are concepts that arenew to you if you if you don't know whatoff the plan is if you've been to a BBQand someone set up just invested inproperty and you think well i should doit too if you don't have the basicunderstandingsome of these concepts just because youlive in a house doesn't automaticallyqualify that you know how to invest inproperty so for me if you have a lack ofknowledge or understanding aroundinvesting in property I think that's areason why you shouldn't because I thinkyou should actually invest first unlessyou outsource no I'll rephrase that youcan outsource the execution which.

I'malways talking about yeah but don'toutsource the understanding because I'vegot a client right now who's come to uswho's previously outsourced theirunderstanding and we are cleaning up ahuge mess in terms of what they purchaseso time poor or you think someone elsecan do it better you can get someone toexecute it but don't outsource do youunderstand so for me if you've got alack of knowledge or understanding youshouldn't invest investment for me letme expand on that a bit further sothere's a couple of things that arejumping into my head right now I'm asyou know I listen to a food podcast likewe all do and there's one podcast calledstartup by the gimlet group over in theu.s. very popular and the first serieswas about him starting up and raisingcapital for he's effectively podcastmedia business from.

The second seriesfollows a particular startup you knowit's think it's a dating app thatthey're trying to set up on a datingbusiness and the takeout from that inthe third series sort of just you knowfailures or things are working and notworking and what struck me about thispodcast was that there's all thesecollege kids coming out raising all thiscapital and crowdfunding and all thatbut they're not subject matter expertsthe the ones that aren't getting successis because they come from no subjectmatter background they might havedabbled in it but they haven't had along experience in what they're doing soI different you know in our business youknow what we say we we take people on aneducational journey.

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Parking space released in the town centre to be developed with mixed residential and commercial development to create a more vibrant town centre within the Ring Road and extending to the International Station. walking and cycle networks (including cycle storage) to be expanded in association with development of travel plans for major employers and colleges, and safer routes to schools. review of spending for supported rural bus services into Ashford and integration with urban services and possibility of using other modes such as shared taxis or community transport.

We strongly recommend that a specific body is Independent Property Valuations Perth set up to focus on delivering the necessary transportation infrastructure and other measures. This will require considerable support by both the Borough and County Councils, as well as transport agencies and operators. Drawing its inspiration from successful, best practice Quality Bus Partnerships in the UK, we propose that this body would be known as a Quality Transport Partnership (QTP) encompassing all forms of transport.

It would epitomise cutting edge thinking, action and Third Way partnership models, acting as a beacon project for other urban areas in the UK. In terms of trip generation, Scenario C is more difficult to accommodate. Scenarios A and B have less trips overall and therefore, theoretically, could, with appropriate public transport measures, restrain the growth of car trips to within less than 5% of current levels. However, in order to do this, similar modal shares, as for scenario C, would need to be achieved. It is appreciated that the targets set for sustainable transport are very high compared to what is being achieved in the UK at present outside the major urban.

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It's no strategyWow male bit busy what are you doingit's all these clods a little diary insydney i love you are a few exciting ishappening in the business you know thatwe're we're about to launch some prettycool stuff we are about to launch somepretty cool stuff so I well done to thethe Western Bulldogs let's be honestthat everyone was a Western Bulldogssupporter outside of Sydney Oh form teamover the four weeks but it yeah it'sinteresting like it obviously theenglish premier league so that I'm do afinal series are just basically the bestteam over the course of the year and winthe premiership and we know you knowwhen the cup or whatever it is and theplate but in so Sydney obviously finishmonochrome use yes and so theytechnically take a little play time forthat but we play finals and it's allabout.

The last four weeks of the yearand they were the form solid oh neverbeen done before come from seventh yeahand it's and it pains me the Fremantlepeaked in hawthorne speak what whydidn't we pick this year seriously comeon it gives me hope they use playersI'm this year so we're some water sothey've buck the trend in terms ofnumber of pleasure you know Collingwoodwe talk about youth and well they've gotyouth they have you know what is it nono player in the Western Bulldogs teamhad ever played in a grand.

Final beforeso completely buck the trend you knowit's like you got to lose one to win oneknow that none of that plate s come fromseparate Erlich beverage in the coachingstaff there well done I was thinking onthe way in this morning wouldn't it beinteresting if all of those people whohad actually bought an investmentproperty off the plan had actuallyreferred a friend to the same companythat they bought and set to the friendwhy don't you go back to the investmentgroup and see if they can buy you anestablished property in the samebuilding because that just wouldn't haveit because the reason I came up isrecently.